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Acid Swamp

Acid Swamp

by adkissh on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project is an isolated fantasy zone for a game prototype. It includes idea generation, WIP pictures, asset design and a final illustration.

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Acid Swamp

> environment and asset design

> illustration

I did this as part of our group project for the previous unit; our task was to create a game prototype. Because of the lack of 3D work force in our team, the swamp never made it to the game.

The game was designed for almost all ages (10+). We targeted a stylised, cartoony style, similar to Animal Crossing, for example. My goal was to make the swamp, which was meant to be a separate zone, immersive like a theme park, and also to save time for our 3D team by deriving designs from bigger pieces wherever it was possible (eg. making logs from trees).

Idea generation - Apophenia exercise


Here are the progress images. Even though the idea generation presented a number of "ready made" assets, which the team liked, my challenge was to make them fit the style of the game and feel coherent.

Final Designs


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