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Project Drakkar

Project Drakkar

Paul Charpentier
by Mashy, StanisAlvarez, and paulcharp on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

An FX oriented shot made by a team of 3 ArtFX Students on our free time.

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We've made this shot over the course of 2 months on our free time. The main challenge was to learn a brand new skillset around Houdini FXs and it's workflows, as for the three of us it was our first project using Houdini as the main software.

As students it was a great experience to work on this shot, to work as a small team and to overcome the challenges that came with it.  We are excited to invest thoses new skills in future projects and face new challenges.

Stanis Alvarez 

Drakkar Modeling & Lookdev | Clouds Setup | Lighting

ArtstationDemoreel | Linkedin

Paul Charpentier 

Ocean FX | Lightning Setup |Rendering | Compositing | Pipeline

Artstation | Demoreel | Linkedin

Alexandre Plagne

Vellum FX | Drakkar Procedural Animation

Artstation | DemoreelLinkedin

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