Oscar Butler - Rookies 2021 Entry.

Oscar Butler - Rookies 2021 Entry.

by exodysseus on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

3rd year student at CDW Studios/Flinders University. I will keep moving forward.

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Various works from 2021

Major Project: Metal Gear Solid: Winter Solstice.

Taking a pre-existing IP and creating content for a theoretical expansionary title.
2x Character Ref Sheet
1x Mech Ref Sheet
3x Environmental Pieces

Inspired by the designs of Yoji Shinkawa.

Shot 1: Establishing Shot

Final Piece and Thumbnails.

Shot two: Main Room

Not-quite-final-but-the-deadline-is-here piece and Thumbnails.

Shot Three: Entryway

Thumbnails, Door Call-out and something I really should've done in Blender.

Select figure drawing, doodles, and studies from the span of this year.

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