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Pete Juujärvi - 2021 Entry

Pete Juujärvi - 2021 Entry

by petejuujarvi on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is Neovenator salerii, a european theropod. This was a really big and fun project for me, took ages but learned a lot about anatomy, modeling and texturing for games. Sculpted in Zbrush, retopo and UV:s in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, rigged in Blender and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. 23298 tris.

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Neovenator salerii, a theropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Europe. 

Slide to view topology. 

Alternate skins.

Slide to view the topology. I am quite happy with the low poly model, though I think the tail and the teeth might be unnecessarily dense, and the belly and groin could benefit from adding a couple of edgeloops.

Zbrush renders of the high poly model. 

Main references for the design were various species of vultures, lizards and cassowary. I took some liberties with the head crest design, which was mainly inspired by hornbills and cassowaries. The anatomy was a challenge but I feel I got it pretty well, though I would sculpt the feet a little differently now. The head scales and the large details on the forelimbs and feet are handsculpted, otherwise the skin detailing was done with Flipped Normals Skin Kit alphas.

UV - layout.

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