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20/21 projects by Marc Casanova

20/21 projects by Marc Casanova

Marc Casanova Beteta
by MarcCasanova on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my entry to the Rookies Awards 21. All the projects shown here were made between september 2020 and may 2021. I hope you like them all!

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This is the first project of my entry. It's a realistic environment class project. I've modeled everything with 3DS Max and textured with Quixel Mixer. The goal was to texture everything using trims and tiles. There were some exceptions like statues and candles that were baked or the vegetation atlas. Hope you like it!

Let's continue with the second part of the entry. This is my first attempt at sculpting a quadruped creature. I took a blue iguana as reference . This lizard was the enemy of my last medieval project. I've made it with Zbrush, retopo with Topogun and texture with Substance. Hope you like it!

Stylized style now! This is Turuk, my fighter character for a class project. I hope you could play it soon on Steam! I've sculpted it with Zbrush, unwrapped and skinned with 3DSMax and textured with Zbrush and Substance painter. I've made two skins with six recolors each. Hope you like it!

*(The mummy character shown in the gameplay part of the video is made by the awesome Núria Rodríguez, classmate and friend)*

And last, but not least, part of my entry is my first attempt at modeling a vehicle. I've modeled it with 3DSMax and textured it with Substance Painter. It's made for a VR class project. *The car reference I've used was made by the awesome Adam Connolly.* Hope you like it!

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