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A four-player cooperative twin-stick shooter set in an alternative spaghetti western sci-fi era where you escort and protect an alien creature through branching and winding cave systems consisting of varying levels of verticality, rivers of lava, and swarms of massive, hungry insects. Made in Unity.

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Game Submission 

Payloaders is a game created by 6 friends for a university team project module. The team consisting of 2 Environment Artists, 2 Character Artists and 2 Programmers. Links to each team member can be found at the bottom of this document.

Section 1 - Trailer and Gameplay Video

Here the trailer for the game alongside a gameplay overview of the first level.  Showing examples of the gameplay loop and the full frantic action displayed throughout Payloaders.

Section 2 - Environment Showcase  

A selection of in-game environmental renders from a variety of levels within Payloaders. The Environmental visuals is an element of the game we as a team are particularly proud to achieve in Unity.

Section 3 - Characters and Creatures 

A showcase of the 4 main protagonists, the payload creature and the enemy insects. The characters were designed to work from a top-down perspective and a close-up perspective due to the character select screen, creating an interesting challenge in character design.

Full Games Design Document Here:

Section 1 - Trailer and Gameplay Walkthrough 

Section 2 - Environment Showcase 

Section 3 - Characters and Creatures 

Environment Artists 

Chris Rhodes:

Andy Radulescu:

Character Artists 

Oliver Fayers:

Melissa Hamer:


Luke Dicken-Jones: [email protected]

Daniel Lush: [email protected]

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