Mercedes Benz Marketing Office

Mercedes Benz Marketing Office

by glendathie on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

An office with zen and cozy ambience. Emphasizing on comfort and functionality of each space.

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Mercedes Benz Office

Designing a comfortable office that is practical and functional in every space. Emphasizing on simplicity and zen with luxury feel. Creating a space to discuss and meet clients in a comfortable manner. Increasing communication from a discuss space that is open and interactive. I believe a productive office space means creating a comfortable space for every individual of the company. Using mostly wood, concrete, marble, and greens to give a zen and cozy ambience. 

1.Receptionist__2.Communal Space1__3.Communal Space2__4.Corridor__5.Corridor& Pantry__6.Office__7.Breakout Space__8.Breakout Space (Library + Single Pod)__9.Meeting Room__10.Private Office

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