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Body mecanics works

Body mecanics works

Jesus Porcel Rubio
by Jesus538 on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello there! I'm Jesus Porcel. As a Animum student I came to The Rookies under some pressure but it was an exciting pressure. Here you'll find some animations I have made on Autodesk Maya and Blender, to practice body mecanics.

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Welcome to my first entry for The Rookies contest. I've working so hard to become a character's animator. 

I'm learning animation at Animum 3D and you'll find here some of my works. Enjoy!

This exercise was made to learn about body mecanics. I decided to focus the anticipations on the legs to get a different rhythm.

Here's an advanced excercise where I had to use constraints for the first time. 

Both of them were made as exercises for Animum, animated on Autodesk Maya

Now, I want to show you two works I made by myself to test my skills. But this time, the animations were made on Blender (following everything I have learned at Animum).

I hope you have enjoy these animations. I'll make my best efforts to improve my skills on my way to be a professional animator. 

Thanks for watching!

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