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Undead Asylum Remake Fanart

Undead Asylum Remake Fanart

Narcis Calin
by NarcisCalin and emilras on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project is a tribute to Dark Souls. We decided to make the Undead Asylum because it is on of the most iconic environments of the game.

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Remake of the tutorial area of one of the most icon games of all time

This project was fully made by Narcis Calin and Emil Rasmussen

Main softwares used: 3ds Max, V-Ray, ZBrush, Substance Painter, RizomUV, PhoenixFD, tyFlow, Forest Pack, After Effects, Davinci Resolve

First we needed to get references, both from real life and from the game so we could know what materials to use and how to make them look realistic.

We are using this website called Conceptboard for our references and feedback

We started blocking out the scene with simple shapes so we could get a general idea of how the composition and lighting will look like. We also added a brownish override material so we could get a better sense of the Global Illumination

After the blocking was done we started preparing the individual assets like bricks, pillar segments, arches, doors, etc for sculpting and we grouped them by type and size.

The main workflow for these assets was: 1. Blocking base shape, 2. Unwrapping, 3. Sculpting, 4. Decimation

When all the assets were ready, we started adding them to the scene, replacing the placeholders. Then we separated the scene by walls and begun to make the UDIMS of each wall since all the models were already unwrapped.

All the texturing was done inside Substance Painter. The first thing to do was making flexible Smart Materials like stone, soil, damaged brick wall, etc so we could just apply them later on the models and start tweaking values. Decals and manual painting was done to get a less procedural feeling

Next phase was dressing and issue solving, the part where we start to polish the scene. For that we decided to add 2-3 different still frames of each camera and start giving auto-feedback.

After everything was fully rendered we begun to render an atmosphere pass for the interior so we could get some god rays coming from the roof. Then we just started doing compositing, color grading and finally sound design.

Z-Depth Fog and DoF, Motion Blur and Glow was added when doing compositing

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