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An idea of new-normal furniture

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A screen divider with after-pandemic values.

Design Approach

The global pandemic had brought a huge impact to the commercial world, rules have changed. People seek for different ways to keep business and entertainment running under the pandemic. From awareness of healthcare, knowledge of the viruses to new-normal furniture or services. Products born under the new-normal rules may be working and trendy for a few years. But, when the pandemic is over, some of the new-normal products could be abandoned or forgotten, as some are not necessary or not practical in normal days.

Concept Statement - inspired by the suspected source of the virus, the BAT

Bat was chosen as the inspiration for the furniture design because bat is the suspected source of the current pandemic. The concept also influenced by a saying of the Chinese, “use the poison against the poison”. Bat practices social distance naturally simply with their body parts. When the bat cover themselves with their wing, no social distancing is practiced. But when they open their wings, a social distance is practiced naturally due to their wing span. 

Concept Sketches - ideation

Construction Drawings

3D Perspectives

Materials & Details

Commercial Values

Every pieces of the screen are customizable, vinyl laminate synthetic stickers  can be attached onto the screen according to the needs as an advertisement board and screen divider at the exact same moment.

Because of its heavy and sturdy body, the divider can be placed at exhibition halls or market stalls to act as a divider to separates different booth. 

The product is coated with Antimicrobial coating, providing people a clean and safe product using experience. 


Case Study

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