Qayyum's Motion Graphics 2021 Showreel

Qayyum's Motion Graphics 2021 Showreel

by qayz on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A showcase of some of my works from 2020-2021 from 2D to 3D animation work

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My Motion Graphics Showreel for 2021

Explore my other works below!

A short and quick recap of how our 2020 ended and welcoming 2021! 

A 3D Model of the ATH M50 and I made a short advertisement video for it (Not Official)

For International Women's Day 2021! • MTV Asia

It is to bring forth the idea of being true to our own personalities, through a challenge of gender stereotypes and embrace your preferences and be true to yourself

Brand Ident for NICKELODEON!

The theme is to visually translate the immersive world of Nickelodeon through the eyes of a kid, in the real world

Simple Shape Motion Graphics! A short video where I used shapes and animated while following the beat of the music

A Sci-fi/War-themed Diorama

With some inspirations from Star Wars

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