Rayonraion ○ Black Heaven

Rayonraion ○ Black Heaven

by rayonraion on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I am Wen Xiang, but people called me by Rayon. I am a fresh graduates of Diploma in 3D animation. Despite my major is being an Animator, but it doesn't stop me from doing what I love which is concept art. Sit back and enjoy scrolling my journey~

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Shura Concept Art

Into the Black Heaven

Black Heaven

Black Heaven is my own personal IP that I have been writing/ drawing for the past 7 years. The story is about a girl trying her best to discover why her dad took a mysterious leave and disappear during the war with other country. Throughout the progress, She had accidentally time travelled and had to face the challenge of unfamiliar environment and culture she used to be. Sit back and Enjoy.   

Ya Ting, Character Sheets

Ya Ting, The main Character of the Black Heaven

Interior Shots of the Palace

Other Works

Death Stranding Fan Art from Hideo Kojima's Game

The Journey of Stargazing

Another Year pass by, Here is my entry for Rookies 2021. This has been an inspiring journey for me. An Unexpected one. From a person who dint know how to paint, this journey had been tough, and It will be tougher. I hope my art journey inspire in a way that we continue make the world full of creativity. 

Thank you. 

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