God of War Character Project

God of War Character Project

Olivia Clarke
by artshark on 4 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Character design for the Game 'God of War' for a University project.

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God of War DLC Character Project

Character design for the Game 'God of War' for University. The brief was to design a character that fitted the God of War games to be used as DLC, my character is a quest giver aiding player progress by giving them missions to do in exchange for items. Character is based on the Norse God Aegir, God of the Sea. Aegir is described as a Sea Jotun (Giant) with long white hair and beard. Viking sailors were afraid but respected Aegir and would pray to him for a safe voyage. Aegir is also known for smashing ships for their gold.  Project contains Silhouette design ideas, sketch process, Zbrush model, colour exploration, character sheet, thumbnails, and key art. Zbrush model was created to help with key art perspective and to use for final view of character so the details remain consisted. Colour explorations are based on different sea creatures with two picked colours explorations, and skin was based of an Oceanic White Tip Shark with the vitiligo markings on skin relating to the markings on the shark.

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