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Animation Exercises

Animation Exercises

by JvanBaggem on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Animation assignments made for Howest - Digital Arts and Entertainment teaching me the principles of animation!

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Alka seltzer audio fragment

We had to make an animal interact with a human, any style of animation was accepted, Just keep it short.

At first I had some trouble knowing what to do with the dude, after getting feedback, it got decided to give him a hangover as the star is the seagull and needs most time to make right.

Making a bird sing and lipsync is quite difficult, regarding the bird doesn't have lips. I do think that the audio and beak movement do work.

Buster keaton 

For this exam we used a clip from one of Buster Keaton's films and re-animte it in Autodesk maya. 

This assignment was tricky, as the videos of Buster Keaton are often sped up. So we had to animate sped up. Also when modelling the stairs the spacing isn't the same as in the reference video. I later decided to let him jump off the stairs instead of having his knees clip trough the stairs. That was also more challenging and fun to animate.

It was definitly a challenging exercise due to the weight shifting being sped up.

Monologue Exercise

To learn and better understand lip sync, I made a monologue exercise. It is quite tricky to get the right vowels accros. But once it works it is very rewarding. As mentioned by my teacher, the screaming part is something I need to work on, it could use a lot more power.

Rigs used:

Dude made by: Ahmedd Shalaby

Seagull Modelled by Viktorija Sipilova Designed by Zhuhang Ni Rigged by Kamila Bianchi

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