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Concept Art School Project

Concept Art School Project

Josué Lemus
by Josue on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Some concepts and desings that I develop to my School Project.

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Concept Art School Project:

In this project I had to develop a Vampire Faction. So I started to doing some quick thumnails and explorations, trying to finding a good visual mood for the Vampires.

Then I develop a full ilustration to show how a Vampire castle looks like, adding some structures like a avandoned graveyard and old buildings. I also did some color variations to try to go further and explore more ideas.

Character desing: 

At this point I started to desinging some Vampires characters. Then I choosed one to do a full render and some color variations. Also I explored her acting during the procces to find her presonality

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