Martha And Henry

Martha And Henry

Vincent Hebrard
by vincenthebrard on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Martha and Henry are two of my personal projects !

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Hello everyone ! I'm very happy to share with you , two of my personal projects, Martha and Henry. I created both of them on my free time while working on my upcoming graduation movie.

Let's start with Martha !

I used Martha as a way to challenge myself, and learn how to sculpt skin details by hand !


                                               Raw Beauty / Light / Wireframe / SSS / Specular

                                                                  Some steps of the process

Okay! Now let's move on to Henry !

Henry is my first full body realistic character ! My goal was to get a realistic look while keeping some tiny bit of stylisation on his facial features.

I decided to challenge myself even more, and add a camera. It was an interresting way for me to push my hard surface skills, aswell as adding a nice storytelling touch to the whole character.

                                        Final /  Grey Shader + Wireframe / Specular / SSS


                                                                              Henry turntable 

                                                                 Light turn (neutral lighting)

Here is a little walkthrough the process of Henry's creation. I had to figure out an hairstyle that I liked, it took me a lot of time to find one. As I worked on him here and there on my free time throughout 5/6 monthes his facial structure changed a lot aswell. I wish I could show you more of the process but I had to select only 5 of my 60 different process pictures ! 

                                                    Final / Wireframe / Specular / Albedo

As a conclusion, I would say that working on both theses projects taught me a lot of things. I had to read articles, learn new techniques, even new programs sometimes ! Even if I would do things differently now, if I had to redo them, I m very happy about how they came up, and I'll feel way more comfortable working on my next personal projects now ! 

I hope to see you on my next adventures ! 

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