Jack Burtenshaw - Concept Art

Jack Burtenshaw - Concept Art

Jack Burtenshaw
by jackburtenshaw on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I'm currently studying Visual Effects and Entertainment Design at Flinders University/CDW Studios. My focus has been on environment and keyframe design, character design and 3D asset creation. I hope to tell a story through each of these pieces.

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Star Wars 

Given Star Wars has always been my biggest inspiration to work in this industry, I jumped on the opportunity to focus two of my projects on designing characters for it's universe.

The first piece is a redesign project. The brief was to select a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and to redesign them with another genre or style. I selected Zodac as he already had some small parts of his character design I liked and wanted to keep.

For this piece I photo-bashed my original costume ideas, then created a model in Zbrush. Next I imported it into Substance Painter to texture, and finally Blender to light the model.

"The price is on your head, your body's worthless to me." - The merciless bounty hunter, Zodac.

The mysterious Makatsu Warriors are considered a myth or urban legend to many around the galaxy. They are a cult of Mandalorian warriors who broke off from the rest of Mandalore, and remained hidden until the Empire seized control. They now travel the galaxy as ghosts — surviving, and seeking a cause to fight and die for.


Pure is the concept for a sci-fi/dystopian TV show set in the distant future.

The Colony blames the humans on Earth for the downfall of the planet — believing they are the reason why so much of the oxygen is poisonous. Although they regard the humans of Earth as 'non-pure', The Colony believes the children who are born into the world are still able to be 'saved' before their bodies are poisoned by the planet, and their minds by their parents.

The Colony sends an expedition of technologically advanced soldiers to the remaining pockets of humanity on Earth to sift through the population and bring any children they find back to The Colony, at any cost. Earth has become dangerous, and not just from the toxic oxygen. Vicious monsters roam the most toxic areas, it's thought they were once human before being consumed by the poison. Colony worshippers also police parts of the wasteland. They are humans who have never entered the colony, but have been brainwashed to serve it. The worshippers are equipped with expired tech the advanced colony soldiers no longer need.

For this project I used

Kitbash from - https://kitbash3d.com/products/mini-kit-post-apocalypse?_pos=1&_sid=b2b1a893f&_ss=r

Photos from Gregory Pedzinski - https://www.artstation.com/gregpedzinski/store


The following images are early concepts for a Wild West story that I am aiming to further build upon at a later date. Being heavily inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2, I feel as though the period has a lot of story telling potential. 

This project was a trial for my new 3D techniques, involving a lot of procedural modelling for the environment.

Market Tycoon

Market Tycoon is an indie video game about building and managing a market. 

Develop an empty warehouse into a thriving food market. Juggle vendors, seating, staff and currency on your quest to bring your warehouse to life. Grow with the market, create your own stories and build your unique path to creating an atmosphere unlike any other.

This project has been in the works with my friends for a while, and is finally being brought to life. Our aim is to combine our skills of coding, engine usage and art to develop a tycoon game. I am currently leading the project and creating the art assets using MagicaVoxel — which suits the simplistic style we are aiming for. The game is still in early development, with plans to dedicate more time to the project over the next year.

Pixel Art

The pixel art project, although appearing straightforward was actually quite a challenge. I attempted to create the same character in x32, x64 and x128. It was important to consider what details needed to be retained, and what others could be simplified, in order to maintain semblance across the three.

P-38 Lightning

The P-38 Lightning project focused on developing technical drawing skills. It consisted of creating a plane from 2D blueprints in 3D space by using precise measurements and a grid. 

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