Fearless Women of the Universe

Fearless Women of the Universe

Viktoriia Shcherbak
by Uuuuuvika on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Three concepts of free-spirited and bold young women which I developed during the last few months as I have been studying the "Introduction to Concept Art & Illustration" course at CG Spectrum.

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Hipparchia & Kuo

Hipparhia is an alien teenage girl (well, in human years she is almost 150 years old) from the planet Anciento. She is philosopher, virtuous but bold. She travels through space with her cyborg companion - Kuo. 

Julia Space Scientist

Julia is a young but promising scientist in space (and a big lover of stickers too). 

I developed this concept from a helmet design exercise in CG Spectrum's Concept Art & Illustration course. 

Octy, Thief & Rhino Buddy 

My final woman is a bit different in that she does not wear a space suit, but like the others she is fearless and free-spirited.

She is running away from her wealthy hometown in search of a real life and adventure.

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