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Alice Wu
by sweetpotato251 on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Slug is a narrative short film about a slug who wants to fit in. I wanted to share my emotional tie with nature through exploring this microcosmic world of slugs and snails. Please enjoy!

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Slug was a short film I created for my capstone project during my last year at Auckland University of Technology. I was responsible for the entire pipeline.


Production pipeline, character designs, storyboarding, and animatic.


Animatic (updated panels)

3D Modelling and Texturing, Rigging and Animation

Slug and Spotted Slug

Modelling, Texturing, UV unwrapping : ZBrush, Substance Painter
Retopology, Rigging, Shaders, Lighting, Rendering, Animation: Maya, mGear, Redshift Renderer

Simulation: Houdini

Earlier versions


Earlier versions

Extra Assets

Paper shell, teacup (model from TurboSquid), rotten apple and rotten log


A brief look into my animation process. This was probably the most gruelling aspects of the film, since animation is not one of my strengths. Completing 19 shots and 1 simulation all by myself was definitely a challenge. This was my first time rigging so my rigs may not have been the most optimized for animation, but I learnt a lot from this process.

Filming (and Sound)

This was done mostly over a period of COVID lockdowns in my back garden by myself with the help of some close friends and family. As you may see from the behind the scenes photos I had to get quite DIY with my equipment since I couldn't get access to uni! This proved to be one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging processes of Slug since it was done during such a strange and restricted time in New Zealand.

Foley was recorded in my garden.

Camera: Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Editing: Davinci Resolve
HDRI: Luminance HDR

Audio: Zoom H4n Pro Recorder, Youtube Audio Library

Because I wanted to stick by the sustainability message of my film, I didn't want to purchase more things so all props were repurposed materials (excluding our makeshift dolly). Everything was responsibly disposed after filming :)

My shot list. Below is an older version with many many tests and planning with different cameras.


One of my favourite parts, it was so rewarding to see everything finally come together after such a tough year.

Compositing: Nuke
Colour Grading: Davinci Resolve
Poster: Photoshop, Maya, Redshift

For our film showcase, I created these posters and a setup that gave away free plants.

Thanks so much for viewing this entry!

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