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Distant Worlds

Distant Worlds

Guillem Villegas
by vartc on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

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This is a project I'm working on currently. It is based on a medieval/fantasy world including some adventure elements. Very influenced by Final Fantasy, The Lord of the Rings and Dragon Quest/Dragonball adventures.

Goya's Head

During the last year in my school I worked in a  project called Goya's head along side with other and great concept artists and other departments of other masters in the school like 3D art, VFX, Game Design and Animation. 

This project is set on Madrid, Spain. S.XVIII. Madrid is in decadence due to the independence war and our main character is the famous painter  FRANCISCO DE GOYA,  influenced by the horrors and decadence of the war he started to paint a serie of decadents and horrorful paintings called "Las pinturas negras"(Black Paintings). Due to his self-isolation he starts becoming crazy and losing his mind, and have to struggle with his demons and the horrorific creatures he painted himself.

In this project i designed some props, characters and environments for the demo.

I designed this environment, which is the painting studio of Francisco de Goya. I wanted to do variations of the atmosphere to reflect the stats of Goya's mind; When Goya is feeling good with himself he sees a warm atmosphere surrounding him, but when he starts suffering nightmares the atmosphere turns dark and cold.

In this environment I used some props designed by some of my concept artists classmates which did a great and astonishing job!

This prop was hard and funny to design. Lead Artists wanted a concept of a bank-coach morphing transition. When Goya is suffering  nightmares and alucinations, he starts watching how his reality is changing.

Twelve Blades

I made this project during my first year of Concept Art master degree. It is set in a Futuristic Japan that shares various elements  of the feudal age. In this futuristic world the people live together with the gods of the japanese mythology. Gods and Shoguns live in mecha suits and machines in order to live forever and fight  between them for the eternal power and glory.

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