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Romane Treluyer - Characters & Environments Design

Romane Treluyer - Characters & Environments Design

Romane Treluyer
by RomaneTreluyer on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My character and environment concepts made during my first general year in New3dge.

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Character Designs

I made Ti Qupp my tea merchant during a character design class. We had a week to create a character based on two traits - their culture and profession.

My character entry for New3dge's concept art test, Athrad the hunter of the Oak Warden clan.

Environment Design

Frog boss environment designed during the environment sketching class for a week. This was one of our first course and an exciting one : we had to create a decor for a boss based on an animal of our choice and its shapes. Being part of the frog team, I had to go with curvy and smooth shapes both for the vegetation and rocks.

A fisherman's hut, the second part of my entry for New3dge's art test

The last 2D exercise we had for school was to design an interior set with viking vibes fit for a character brief. We later got to turn our work into 3D.

4 Seasons diorama for the environment and lighting class. I got to study and apply advanced lighting theories with a small forest part I designed !

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