A different approach

A different approach

Jens Kristian Therkildsen
by JensKristian on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

3D is my passion. In this post, I would like to share this passion with you.

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A different approach to Arch Viz

My biggest strength in digital art is also my biggest weakness. I have too many interests, and too often I find myself doing things I have never done before. I have done a little 2D animation, a little VFX, a little photography and tried a lot of different disciplines within 3D during my time as a student. This gives me a little knowledge of a lot of things, but not a lot of knowledge about specific things. One exception to this is Arch Viz, which has managed to keep me interested for most of my student years, and in this post I would like to share with you my best work within the subject.

I would say I have a different approach to Arch Viz, as I have so many different interest, and this is definetly noticable in my portfolio. I have made everything from "Traditional Arch-Viz" kitchen renders, to abstract hallways inspired by M.C Escher. I have also done Product shots, Animation, Material scanning and more complex modelling and sculpting. Below I will be going through some of my more exciting work.

MOMENT - Not just a flythrough.

Instead of making an animation with the sole purpose of showing off an interior design, I wanted to tell a story aswell, and that was the main inspiration for this project. It was made for my final exam at 3D College Denmark, and I made it over the course of four weeks. The project uses a combination of self-made assets and downloaded models. Below I have included some stills, and finally a breakdown video showing the most exciting parts of the process.

This is my latest project, and I finished it just a few days before The Rookies' submission deadline!

Made using 3DS Max - V-Ray - Tyflow - Photoshop - After Effects 

Øster Søgade - Danish kitchen design.

This project was a turning point for me. It was the first project I ever made that truly brushed up against photorealism, and to this day it is one of the projects I am most happy with. It does not try to do anything special - and it does not have to - It is just a kitchen.

I modelled the big shapes myself and the kitchen cabinets / drawers, then I populated the scene using downloaded assets.

Made using: 3DS Max - Corona Renderer - Photoshop


Making assets for Arch Viz.

A purebred passion project. I loved making these decorative chocolates from start to finish.

I modelled the basic shapes of the chocolates in 3DS Max, then I exported them to Z-brush where I sculpted in the details, then I reimported them in max for composition and rendering. The white chunks on some of the chocolates were scattered using a super simple Tyflow setup.

After I made the chocolates, I had not quite satisfied my appetite, and decided to make one more food project, and this time I wanted to do something a bit more challenging.

This cake slice was more tricky to tackle, but it was just as much fun to make. I used a similar workflow of basic modelling in max and sculpting in Z-brush. This was also rendered using V-ray.

As a note I did not create the background models (cherries - sugar container) - Those were downloaded.

Made using: 3DS Max - V-Ray - Tyflow - Z-brush - Substance painter - Photoshop

M.C Eschers Paradise

Inspired by the amazing drawings of M.C Escher, I wanted to make a render that was truly bizarre.

This was a lot of fun to make, and this project is absolutely one of my personal favorites.

Made using: 3DS Max - Corona Renderer - Photoshop

Scandinavian Living Room

This is another one of those simple projects. 

This is by no means unique, but everything does not have to be. This was a quick project I made to practice my rendering using the Corona Renderer.

Made using: 3DS Max - Corona Renderer - Photoshop

Scanned materials

If you made it this far in this post, thank you for your attention, I promise we are almost done.

I would like to finish by showing off some shaders I created by stuffing real world materials in our office printer, and then generating maps for them using primarily photoshop.

Made using: 3DS Max - V-ray - Photoshop

Thank you for making it this far, and thank you for sharing my journey!

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