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Illustration / Concept Art

Illustration / Concept Art

by LeaLebourgeois on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone! I'm presenting you some of my illustrations. Thank you for watching :-)

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The Voyager. The Voyager is an illustration that I made at first to practice my photo bashing skills. I've always wanted to paint some epic scenes whereas a spectator you can feel the start of a great adventure!

Here is a little step-by-step of my process.
It's kinda messy, but I'm glad to see that the final picture turned out well.  :-)

Colorful World is a compilation of artworks with a wide variety of saturated colors. This is mainly what I love to do the most! I associate my emotions with the colors that I use and sometimes I like to work with abstract but colorful ideas that I try to clean up and render little by little. 

Dragon's Nest ( Blue  ) / Vermillon ( Red ). I didn't push a lot the rendering part on these ones because I felt like I will lose too much energy and feelings.

Sanctuary. A soothing illustration... I feel like I started to understand more what I wanted to improve at this point and what kind of art style I was looking for. 

 Colorful sketches 

I like to compose quick images with impactful shapes and colors. I like to experiment a lot with my tools and I love to be surprised by the different effects I get. Knowing where you want to go is - of course - really important, but I sometimes like to lose this control and go with the flow and see what I can get.  

The Dragon's Eggs is a little personal project that I tried to create. It's based in a fantasy universe. My artwork " Sanctuary " was where the idea first originated. I'm still thinking of the plot!

Little step-by-step 

Abandoned City. A school project where I had to design a sci-fi city that was abandoned by humanity. I don't do a lot of paint over a 3D base, it was a great exercise.


Study about birds. I love peacocks a lot and I really wanted to make some study about them... I ended up doing bird studies

 Thank you so much for watching and reading! 

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