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Jordan McBarnett - Sophomore Motion Design Portfolio

Jordan McBarnett - Sophomore Motion Design Portfolio

Jordan McBarnett
by jordanmcbarnett on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

What's up! My name is Jordan McBarnett and I am a 20-year-old rising junior studying Motion Design Ringling College of Art and Design. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I am always trying to learn more and push myself to create meaningful ideas and stories through movement and design. Thank you for viewing my work!

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Here is a compilation of my pain throughout the 2 years of learning Motion Design ar Ringling. Enjoy!

The iPhone 12

I modeled the iPhone 12 for my Animation class and decided to create a short, fan-made ad about the current iPhone color choices! 

Made in Cinema 4D and Redshift. Sound by Kelly Warner


A fun short animation exploring 2.5D Space and the Camera in After effects by animating some designs created by my homie Collin “2kcol” McMinn, just for fun and as a personal exercisese. 

I started to play around with the texture of the video, trying to optically create an old-school, VCR aesthetic of the 90s and early 2000s. The Travis Scott, Dababy, and Lucki logo designs were actually not 3D. I precisely played with layer styles of each individual letter to give off the visual look of a 3D Surface.

Songs EDITED for this personal piece, in order of appearance: Travis Scott - 90210, Dababy - Popstar, Lucki - Politics

PERVASIVE - An Abstract Title Sequence

An abstract title sequence comprised of using experimental real-life methods, techniques, in-depth pre-production, and sound mixing to communicate effective storytelling. 

In the piece, I used a magnetic fluid called Ferrofluid. Everything you see in this video is all practical and shot with a real camera. Sound by myself and Kelly Warner

Check out more of my process here:


A dancing mango :0 Sometimes I wish I had a mango with me at all times!

Nike Pitch Deck 

I developed a dynamic design sequence for a :10s in-store promo that creatively features a specific NIKE shoe and celebrates the product’s relevance to its related sport.

Sound by myself and Kelly Warner

Fault vs Responsibility

I created a design sequence for a visual essay around a known voice narrative. For this I choose Will Smith’s 2018 Instagram Story Excerpt of “Fault vs. Responsibility.”

Thank you!

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