Character Art Rookie Awards Submission 2021

Character Art Rookie Awards Submission 2021

Scott Strachan
by scottstrachan on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Three characters demonstrating different styles and techniques.

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Three 3D characters  demonstrating different themes and styles. 

One of the characters I worked on as self-study in my free time and two were part of my University 3rd year.

The first character shown below is a university project of a viking bust, which is a self portrait, inspired by Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Valhalla game. The bust was sculpted in ZBrush, retopologised in Maya, textured in Substance Painter/Mari and rendered in Arnold. The hair groom was created using XGen.

What if Spider-Man's wrestling career had taken off and he joined the Street Fighter universe as a playable character?

This is my submission for my Advanced Character Animation university module. I was required to design and develop a character suitable to be included in the Street Fighter universe. Once the character was sculpted, modelled, retoplogised, UV'd and textured, I was then required to rig it and demonstrate its range of motion.

My goal was to create a hyper stylised character with a hero V-shaped torso, exaggerated hands and feet, with an artistic style similar to Fortnite or Immortals Fenyx Rising. To give an idea of scale and perspective, the character's height and physique has been exaggerated and he stands at approximately 6 feet 4 inches.

A game ready Cyberpunk Girl project I worked on in my spare time in order to improve my skills and learn new techniques.

Software used includes ZBrush, Maya, Marvellous Designer, Mari, Substance Painter & Designer. The final render was completed in Unreal Engine 4 and Premiere.

The animation and rig were from Maximo and tweaked in Maya for presentation purposes.

Thank you for considering my submission!
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