Circus Bear
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Circus Bear

Daniela Naumovski
by danielanaumovski on 1 May 2019 for Circus Challenge

The Circus Bear is a simple yet interesting creature commonly seen in any circus. I wanted to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone with a creature I have never sculpted before.

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Update - 1 May 2019

I started out with some bear studies to understand how the creature functions. I first started off by examining the skeletons layout and structure, this is how i got the bears overall form as well as correct proportions. I then moved onto the muscles which helped me understand how the creature moves and functions.  After having an understanding of the bear, I played around with a concept sketch that I ended up liking. I found the pose had a clear silhouette and would be fun to sculpt.

Simple poly-paint  in Zbrush was coloured to give me a starting  base for when I wanted to add depth and detail through a paint-over.

I then took the bear into Marmoset and set up some fog, lighting and a backdrop with it's own podium.

After I chose my favourite render screenshot, I took it into Krita to fix slight adjustments and paint-overs to give the bear some depth.

Final polished piece.

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