Horse Leg Creature FX Sim

Horse Leg Creature FX Sim

Jessica Hiles
by jesshiles on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Muscle, fat, skin and fur sim of a horses' front leg

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Creature FX work i did for my specilism at Escape Studios.

I did the entire pipline.

Modeling the Bones/Muscles



Muscle, fat, skin and fur sim

This was a big challenge for me as at the beginning of this project I hadn’t touched any of this software (save for maya) and almost all of the pipeline was completely new to me.

I now know 3 new pieces of software, zbrush, Ziva Dynamics and xGen and have an in depth knowledge on anatomy.

The Process:

I modelled each bone individually and then compiled it in Maya, this was the original and edit. I realised that they where out of proportion and went back and changed it

This was the muscle layer modelled and simed with Ziva Dynamics

Fat Layer

Rendered out groom - done with XGen

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