Spell Casting

Spell Casting

by yuming on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone, I’m Yu Ming. Back then, I was so amazed by digital artworks done by masters as I never thought some of them are drawn out . To me, how they create artworks are like casting spells or magics, bringing visual surprises to audience. Hence, able to do something like them is my goal!

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Jin & Yin: Origin of Joss Paper

A pair of twin sisters embark on a journey from the underworld to the human world to collect offerings for the dead. They arrive on the surface, sooner they discover that Qing Ming is not a festival for everyone that time…

This is a group project I have been working together with some of my friends. We wanted our story to be oriental fantasy based, eventually we took “Qing Ming” festival as our initial inspiration and created the origin of joss paper in our way.

Here are some of the contributions for our group that I made!


Key Arts


Underworld Incinerator Station

Some of the explorations I did before working on the actual image.

Raven’s End

There is a tribe live somewhere near the north they believe in raven telling the future sight. A teenage female who needs to survive by her own and seek for the truth after her village has been ruined out of a sudden…

This is a personal IP project I did during the last semester of my studies. Here will be the protagonist and the antagonist character I designed for the project!

Water of Vale

The story is about a young Himalayan girl who stuck in the afterlife, finding her way out to return to her world...

Here will be the stylized design practices I did as my first try on designing.

Lienna's Village

Environment Paintings

Moon Phase

Baduy Tribe Village

I did some early ideas and stated a checklist to remind myself what I want to include in the scene I am imagining.

Beach Bar

My first ever digital painting for environment. For sure, I did some preparation before painting this scene too!

Personal Studies

After going through the works, the rest are mainly photo studies, what I do for fun and more importantly to practice!

 That’s all from me, thank you for viewing my works! Hope you enjoy it as I creating them! 

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