My Blizzard inspired, hand-painted art.

My Blizzard inspired, hand-painted art.

Jessica Murphy
by jaxi on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My latest projects created while studying Game Art at AIE in Melbourne. These are based on other artist's 2D designs which have been included. All hand-painted and unlit. :)

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This project, "Farahgosa", was based on a super cool design by 2D artist, Fanfoxy:

A WoW player had commissioned Fanfoxy to illustrate their void elf character, and I was amazed with the design so much that I decided to re-create her in 3D again.

I had also previously sought out Fanfoxy to design my own character from Warcraft. 

The project was for a 3D character assignment at school, where my teacher had advised us to find a character reference online as opposed to creating one ourselves.

While I respected the idea of working from a great reference, I was also eager to create from an idea that was specifically meaningful to me so I decided to meet in the middle. “Kiara” is a night elf priestess, a race that I have always been drawn to for their calm and caring nature and harmony with the wider universe; something that resonates with me on both a personal and spiritual level.

Commissioned Artwork:

I also had the opportunity to do a breakdown of this project on 80 level:

Another 3D project based on an awesome concept by David Harrington, "Tiki Portal":

For this one my goal was to push my own design practice by figuring out something unexpected for the back of the structure while trying to fit with the same style and theme. 

Thanks for looking! :)

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