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Arviegail Cahilig 2021 Portfolio

Arviegail Cahilig 2021 Portfolio

Arviegail Cahilig
by arviegail on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Arviegail Cahilig 2021 Portfolio, 3rd year student studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (VFX & Entertainment Design) at Flinders University / CDW Studios.

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1997 Honda Civic GLi Hatchback

This is a model of my partner's much-loved Civic— scratches, dents, RE003s, stickers and all.

I knew I wanted to model a vehicle but why this particular Civic? I think it has a lot of character and a story to tell— from it's side dent to performance tyres, and from the No Face sticker to the subtle roof indent. All these made for a little extra fun when texturing and modelling. 


This was my first attempt at a real vehicle and was a good challenge. I spent a lot of time watching and reading tutorials. Though this is obviously not a Lamborghini, I modelled the shell as shown in "3D Car Modeling Tutorial pt.# | Autodesk Maya | Modeling a Lamborghini Huracan" by Zack Anderson for 8fifty2 on Youtube, after figuring out I couldn't approach car modelling like I have other assets (from big to small.)

I started by modelling and UVing the car in Maya before taking it into ZBrush to knock in the dents, which I used as a displacement map. I then took the model into Substance painter for texturing and back into Maya to render using Arnold. If I were to do this project again, I think I would do the tyre tread in height/displacement because the topology is quite dense and the surface is slightly uneven. It was also a challenge to create tileable topology of the RE003 pattern.

Renders & Wireframe

Southside House Corner

Modelled based on a photo from 'Southside House -Wimbledon' by Kotomi_, flickr


This was a university project I learnt a lot from. I enjoyed the freedom to choose what interior to model and learnt a lot about the process. I tried to pick a room with a variety of challenges ie. the soft red armchair, woven chair, bust sculpture etc. 

I struggled the most with modelling and texturing the red armchair since I haven't attempted to model something so plush before. It was a good challenge and I'm happy I put in the extra effort to redo and improve the asset. 

The environment and individual assets (which were referenced into the environment scene) were modelled in Maya with some (the bust sculpt and armchair) jumping back and forth between ZBrush and Maya. Everything was textured in Substance Painter; some resources (eg. paintings, rug etc.) from rawpixel were cleaned up in Photoshop. Everything was then brought together, lit, and rendered back in Maya Arnold.


Philippines Toy Jeepney


A model of a Promite Philippines Jeepney (a popular form of public transportation in the Philippines) souvenir that I modelled (Maya), textured (Substance Painter)  and rendered (Arnold Maya.) I drew the stickers in Clip Studio Paint.

This was my second personal project and is much more complex compared to the first. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the process, modelling it was particularly satisfying. Creating all the stickers was quite a journey but I'm happy I put in the effort! If I were to do this again, I would add the wheel and tire details physically rather than in the height map, and be a little less shy with the roughness breakup. I would also slow down the turntable.

Renders & Wireframe

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