3D Generalist Portfolio

3D Generalist Portfolio

Erik Ivan Aguilar Escalante
by erik1707 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello there! I'm Erik Aguilar a recent graduate from Vancouver Film School, here is my 3D Generalist demo reel with all the projects I was involved during my time at school

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This is my graduate project from Vancouver Film School, I worked alongside my friend Erick Ortiz

Look Development, Modeling, Texturing (Pod, Parachute), Lighting, Compositing & FX (Portal, Particles, Smoke, Clouds, Parachute).

This project is also in the Film of the year category, check the entry here

Cartoon City

For this project I worked alongside Christopher Carlyle and Heavenly Mutaga

We had to combine an specific art style and adapt it to a city of our choice, it was a really interesting and challenging project to do, but I liked the way it turned out


For this project I collaborated in Mei Wu's final VFS project, doing particle and smoke simulations


For this project I collaborated with my friend Daniel Ludlow, I helped him with a smoke simulation when the Pod opens, you can check his full entry here


 I collaborated in Ting Ting's final VFS project, integrating a teddy bear in a live plate footage, you can check her Rookie of the year's entry here


This was a Modeling Term 2 project, the first character I've modeled, although there's a lot to improve I really liked the result, based on the concept art of Jeremy Vitry


This was my first  project I did during my time in Vancouver Film School, modeling, texturing and lighting a kitchen, it was really fun to put all of those skills together

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