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A Selection from my First Year in Archviz

A Selection from my First Year in Archviz

Alice Ölveborn
by olvebornalice on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

First year student at Yrgo discovering Architectural Visualization. Shown in this entry are three projects from my portfolio. These are Wooden Play, The Spanish Chair and HoTel Aviv. Hope you'll enjoy!

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The concept “Wooden Play” was created during an assignment where I had to model a villa using CAD-plans from Trivselhus chosen by a customer. During the project I had contact with both the customer and an architect to ensure I was heading in the right direction. All vegetation is 3D using Forest Pack and the majority of the villa has been textured with RailClone.


With only pictures as reference, I modeled and textured Børge Mogensens “The Spanish Chair” from scratch. To showcase the chair, I created a clean studio environment in which I rendered out both the beauty and a wireframe to portray the work behind the chair model.


This projects focuses on concept making for a hotel located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The concept is based on a fictional story about an old warehouse, used for managing Jaffa oranges, who got abandoned and now is reconstructed for hospitality uses. I created a lobby and bar area to showcase the first impression guests will have of the hotel.

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