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William Bradley
by WilliamBradley on 21 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a game environment developed in roughly 12 weeks and produced in Unreal engine. For this project we where tasked with creating a playable space that was rich in detail, and with interactive elements such as effects and player interactions. We based this off of media from The hobbit as well as related games.

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This Project was a collaboration between multiple artists to design and develop a 3D environment. When designing this environment we used the town Esgaroth from the movie The Hobbit as inspiration. We also looked at games such as Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War to take inspiration from the environments there.

For this environment, we wanted to express the cold and unkempt nature that is Esgaroth and use this to create a playable environment that captures the uneven and somewhat disorganised architecture of the town. We expressed this though the way in which we designed and set dressed our environment assets and props.

Each team member put a lot of work into this project to help make the scene feel alive, pushing our skills to create a larger scene. We are quite proud of what we were able to produce within this time frame and spent time into carefully plan and design the space, including interactable elements for the player, as well as the VFX and technical aspects such as the moving objects on the water and fog to help add to bringing this scene to life.

We wanted to create and interesting and detail rich scene, and I feel the team were able to achieve this though their hard work on creating the amount of modularity needed to achieve the rich detail we were aiming for in this project. 

Thanks for taking the time to look over our project!

It was great to work with a wonderful team! Feel free to look at their Artstations here:

Team Members:

William Bradley (Art Director/Environment/Lighting) -

Joshua Steyn (Producer/Props) -

Mohammed Safa (Environment) -

Emanuele Alimandi (Props) -

Alice Hughes (Environment) -

Byron Dula (VFX/Technical) -

Giacomo Morbioli (Props) -

Bruno Estevez (Environment/Props) -

Richard H (Props) -

Stefanos Georgiou (Props) -

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