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Liberosis is a third person platforming adventure game made in Unity for PlayStation 4. The game is set high up in the skies with floating islands filled with lush greens, ruins of the past and beautiful wildlife. The game is made by first year students during a 9 week game project at Playgroundsquad.

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Brought to you by:

Carolina Elvelin - Artlead, Environment, Level Populating
Kenneth Bakkelund - Shaders, Environment, VFX, Rigging, Animation, Character
Ludwig Conradsohn - Shaders, Environment, VFX
Veronica Nordbrink - Rigging, Animation
Ekaterina Zudikhina - Creatures, Props
Pontus Larsson - Props
Oliver Holgersson - Main Character


Moa Cristvall - Level Design for level 2, Narrative, UI Design
Alexander Holm - Design Lead
Pontus Avén Ytterholm - Level Design for level 1, Mechanics

Elias Wickander Tröften - Lead Programmer, Vortex, Movement, Dive, Performance, Animations
Noa Söderlund - Performance, Audio implementation, Save System, Boids
Dennis Björk - Performance, Movement Physics, Cutscene 

Music and SFX:

Fredrik Jönsson
Simon Lindberg
Diego Chumpitaz Chavez
Thanakorn Saengprachum

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