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New Toy

New Toy

Karolis Arbaciauskas
by xeometry on 19 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A plate-matching exercise based around a story of a 'new toy' in a musician's bedroom.

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This project was based on a self-directed brief about a 'new toy' in a musician's bedroom, with the anomaly being that the new toy was a complete contrast to what we know about the protagonist based on the rest of the frame. 

I wanted to use this project to experiment with my cinematography and storytelling skills as well as putting my knowledge of light and lighting techniques to practice. While a tripod shot in a small interior space is far from exciting, I tried to challenge myself by having a footage element interact with the CG element. This meant that I had to pay close attention to the light and shadow direction of the match-moved box as well as faithfully recreate a physically-realistic environment for the light to bounce around accurately without an HDRI.

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