Hotdog Havoc

Hotdog Havoc

This short film is about a man with no respect for others who face the consequences of his actions in the form of an enraged hotdog.

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Hotdog Havoc by Sarita Lam, Vicky Leung, and Danielle Winkler

Don’t you hate it when someone disrespects you? Don’t you just want to turn into a beast and give them what’s coming to them? Through this film, you’ll get the opportunity to live vicariously through one of the characters as he gets revenge!


Kevin – A youngster whose dress code promotes that his father is a lawyer, he carries his head high wherever he goes. Has a snobbish character and has little respect for others and his surroundings.

Hotdog Man – The main threat to Kevin after his precious hotdog stand was destroyed. Has anger issues and always seeks revenge. Secretly not a man within a hotdog suit for food promos. He is – the Hotdog Man.

Hamburger Man – Hotdog Man’s biggest rival who camps a few blocks away from the hotdog stand. Turns out he’s the same species as the hotdog man, except he disguises himself as a human instead of typical costume apparel.

Little Girl – A side character that escalates the comedic points of the story. She’s just casually riding her scooter one day and gets thrown out to space.


The scene takes place in an urban area, a city-like area with traffic and social activities present. Lots of varied vehicles from cars to buses on the road and buildings ranging in heights.

Concept Art - Character design of our characters and assets

Storyboard of Hotdog Havoc - Inspired by a stand-up comedy story and added fun, surreal, and cultural elements.

Process of integrating 2D with 3D: We used Photoshop to hand draw custom expressions for our characters before rigging them in Maya and used Krita for our smear line effects in place of using motion blur.

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