Music & Lyrics: BTS Animated Poster

Music & Lyrics: BTS Animated Poster

Taylor Kirsch
by tkmotion on 15 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

10-20s, looping animation from your static poster design using audio.

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Use a single song as the creative foundation, students will explore the basics of design systems, developing a shared visual language across diverse deliverables (Poster, Ticket, Album Cover, Apple Music, T-Shirt, & Beanie) for a specific live musical event.

Students will select and research a single musical artist (solo, band, or DJ) and a specific song by that artist to use as the creative inspiration for all deliverables. The song may be in any language or genre, but must have lyrics.

Process: Animated and designed poster for BTS concert "You Never Walk Alone" based on their song "Spring Day." I designed and illustrated the poster in Photoshop and animated it in After Affects. BTS has been a group I truly admire and find comfort in during difficult times. I wanted to pay tribute to them through my last music & lyrics project. 

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