Character Concept Design

Character Concept Design

by simun on 14 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! I always love to do character design, and here is a project that I have done in college.

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Concept of the world.

A world that only moon always in the sky, the sun because of the greedy human disappear.

As punishment to the humans the world are full of dangerous monsters.

There are sun and moon guild mostly they are non human, they kick human out the wall of city and create artificial sun in the zone.

People can have different way to earn money, working in shops, selling merchant...etc but as a bounty hunter earn the most, after hunting they sell the monsters or robots parts to the black market and get high paid.


A vampire who lost his memory.

S wake up from a long dream, when he return to his village where his family lives, the village is been destroy because of curse. He slowly starts to forget stuff because of actually he suppose to be destroy together with the village.

He found one of the eyes is from the robots that attack their village. S wants to find that robot to complete the part and find out what actually happend during that time.

Early sketch for S.

From- Moon Guild

Reason for him to become bounty hunter is because he wants to find the robot, know the truth of the curse village and also the price for blood supply is really high so he need to find a way to get high paid, in order to survive.

The character feature for him during early stage, I imagine it to be a more younger age, but after that i also try out in teenager age is more reasonable to survive in the tough environment. S feature is with white hair, deadly white skin tone, have dark circle but he have a good vision in dark so dont really need a lamp with him when he travelling.

Costume design I design him wearing mostly tight leather material, because of able to move convenient and faster, also it able to wash off the blood stain easily after the hunting.

The final sketches for S.

I simplify his costume alot, and more focus on the overall silhouette.

I also design a texture for the costume, the texture is based on antient letter which have the meaning of "Memory". "Memory" is the main reason why S starts his travelling.

 The red scarf is one of the important stuff that he bring with him before leaving the village, he always wear it when he was a kid.

At the end I decide to proceed with the first sketches, because it was light and also the high collar can keep his privacy. The overall silhouette is more sharp edge which provide the feeling of not easy to get close to and dangerous. His right hand is more like a huge evil hand which provide benefit for him when he hunting.

At first S costume design is more thicker because of the environment temperature is very cold, but since he is a cold blooded so I mainly more focus on design the costume for hunting purpose.

Color Variations.

Red and black will be the main color.


A white moth witch who sign the devil to own more stronger power.

The reason for Agrina to become bountry hunter is because she wants to open a tea shop in the town (the land in city is very expensive) and also loves collecting gem, so she needs to find a way to earn more higher paid.

Her truth form is kinda ugly thats why she use spell to change her feature.

Agrina early sketches.

I try to include the shape of moth in her costume and silhouette.

I also give her fancy design on the skirts and socks because she loves collecting gem which is a fancy hobby.

Agrina costume design I try to based on more curve shapes, so she provides a smooth and soft impression.

Agrina final sketches.

I try to tone down the fancy patterns and try more simple shapes but still able to see moth element on her.

Agrina legs I try to design it to a hoof to hint that she sign with the devil.

I think the huge witch hat is so cute, it suits her really well!

Color Variations.

Because of she loves gem and money so I decide to give her mainly with white to represent white moth and gold to represent her financial.

Thank you for your time, Hope you enjoy my artwork!

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