Anastasia Romanov at the Opera

Anastasia Romanov at the Opera

Eleonore Balguerie
by eleonorebalguerie on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Fan art of Anastasia from the animated movie of the same name, by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, character design probably by Chris Schouten

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I decided to sculpt Anastasia, from the animated movie, in more realistic proportions. I could have done more details regarding the sewing of her dress and train, and the texture of her skin, but I wasn't interested in pushing the details too far for this project, though I wanted to study the key colors of the body's skin (red, ocre and blue) which I painted on ZBrush, and I thought it was quite interesting to study her glittering train as I had never learned how to do that kind of texture before, and I learned a few things about the refraction of jewels.

As soon as I started this project, I knew that she had to be at the top of the stairs to make her train looks more appealing, otherwise it just fell flat on the floor, so stairs had to be part of the scenery, even though I was only intersted in the character. In the movie, she is supposed to be at the Opera Garnier, in Paris, so the stairs are based on the design of the Opera's grand staircase.


Beauty, Render Raw, Lighting (no textures)

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