HORUS - The Egyptian God

HORUS - The Egyptian God

Fiori Bejleri
by FioriBejleri on 11 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Game - ready character of Horus, The Egyptian God, Lord of prophecy, music, art and beauty.

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Hello everyone! I present you my masterpiece just finished today. I learned at the end of February 2021 about The Rookies and the contest because i recently finished my studies and joined this big industry, and so i was not aware of it. So i decided to test my self with this contest and i started to search for a good concept that could push me forward. On the half of March, i finally found my principal reference about HORUS. A really well done concept by Gianluca Rolli (ArtStation) that chatches my interest and my eyes!
So i started this new project with determination and hard work. And there we are people! I did it in time and i'm presenting my artwork to everybody.


Horus Concept by Gianluca Rolli on ArtStation

TOPOLOGY - Workflow

About the topology, this was my worflow:
I started first with the body, from sphere, I sculpted before the primary forms and blocked out the big shapes of the body. I always like to do a lot of details but this time I imposed myself to go slowly so i could't loose the principal shapes of the human anatomy. After the body was done, i started masking,extracting and zremeshing the clothing and armors. Then i went into the details of each subject and after i needed a better topology so i duplicated each of them, zremeshed again and project all on the high poly subject. 

For detailing much more every single object, and the body too, i used layers and layers searching for the best result i could reach. As well as layers, i have used too alpha's hyeroglyphs that i had made on photoshop.

The entire character and props are done from ZBrush.

As i said before, i fixed the topology of every subtool inside ZBrush with ZModeler tool, all except the body.
I imported the body on Maya and started the retopology here.
Next step was importing the entire low poly on Maya and started to unwrap uv's. It was kinda painfull because i'm not so experienced about it but i found good ways and better workflows that i will 
put in place next time!

After that i imported the high poly too and then exported both on different fbx files for baking maps on substance painter and then starting the textures.


As i said before, I imported the low poly mesh inside Substance Painter and baked the maps with the high poly model and the i started the PBR workflow about material set up and textures.
On Maya i had divided the low poly into different material groups so it could be way more easier to handle the textures.
I really like the worflow Substance Painter / Marmoset Toolbag because i can render my model in real time and changing textures every time to achieve the desired goal.
For this character i used only 4K textures.

For the wings it was pretty much difficult for me at the beginning because i had never made something like that! But i found the way: i did it with the same workflow of the creation of hair cards.
I sculpted 4 different feathers on ZBrush, detailed them so they could have a realistic look. Then i merged them and auto grouped them so at the end of the ZBrush stage i had just one object but with 4 different feathers and a color map! This is pretty important and usefull for the texturing stage.

After that i imported the feathers on Maya and i created a plane, with just one polygon division, that could fit the feathers inside his perimeter. I put the feathers a little bit in front of the plane and then i exported both in different fbx files.
Into Substance, i imported the plane and started the baking process with the feathers, and it comes out pretty well. Then i had all my maps but i made a second bake just for the color map deselecting the " Apply diffusion " parameter and putting the max Rear Distance to maximu.
Then i got my color map and i could easily mask with color selection the different feathers.
About the texturing, i used my concept reference and realistic eagle feathers and i hand painted completelly trying to do the best result i could reach.

When i finished textures, i went again on Maya so i could fix the UV's of the plane to have just one feather inside it. Then i did a lot tweaks and deformation for each feather so i could give them a realisitc and natural look.
This part was particularly hard for me and i did my best.


This video was edited by me. The shots inside the reel are made with a camera transition on Marmoset and then i build up the Showreel on Filmora.

And this is the end people! I'm really proud of myself and of my work done on this 2 months!
I really hope that those who have come here, would like my artwork and appreciate my determination for completing this game ready character in 2 months.

Good luck to every artist that wants to break in the game industry just like me!
In Italy we say " che vinca il migliore! "

Thank you very much Rookies for this fantastic opportunity and i would like to thanks the judges too for your time checking my application and my profile!

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