Motion & Graphics Design

Motion & Graphics Design

Sophia Ma
by sophiama on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Assignments completed during the 1-year Motion & Graphics Design diploma at 3dsense Media School

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A short video showcasing some of the projects that I've worked on in 2020.

Channel Branding - WakuWaku Japan

A graphics package for WakuWaku Japan to establish the channel's identity and to showcase personalities to its viewers.

The Channel - WakuWaku Japan is a Japanese general entertainment channel that broadcast Japanese programs to oversea viewers in Asia.

Concept - Experience the real Japan.



Show Promo - Unsolved Mysteries

A promotional video to market the documentary series Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

The Show - Unsolved Mysteries is an American documentary television show about real-life mysteries of unsolved crimes. A 12-part reboot of the series was premiered on Netflix in July 2020.



Zoetrope - Joyous Robot Island

A steampunk zoetrope where the joyous little robots happily singing and dancing.


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