The Rinch
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The Rinch

by natzfa on 26 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

The Rinch. A skateboarding demon. On show for one night only.

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Update - 26 Apr 2019

Our man in action. 

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Update - 24 Apr 2019

composition ideas

Update - 24 Apr 2019

Started using Zbrush for the first time. 
Gave myself  2 weeks to learn the software. 

Update - 24 Apr 2019

Settled on this design. Now working out some possible variations and poses. 

Update - 24 Apr 2019

Working out some initial creature sketches.

Update - 21 Apr 2019

Moodboards - Thinking of what acts this creature will do.   As well as ideas of what the inside of the circus will look like.

Ideas of bikes on rope, or even a segway act.

Environment ideas/sketches too