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 Souls of the Wind - Lighting Art

Souls of the Wind - Lighting Art

Junliang Zhang
by ziwuxin on 3 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

As the Guardian of the Four Winds, use your unique wind powers to complete the trials of the Wind Temples and free the Souls of the Wind from corruption. This is a tale of a world full of wind magic, through a beautiful 3rd person puzzle-adventure game crafted by Wandering Spirit Games.

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Souls of the Wind - Lighting Art

I was extremely fortunate to work with an amazing team on Souls of the Wind in 9 months for the thesis project at University of Utah Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program (EAE).

I was in charge of the lighting arts and technical arts. It was a great challenge for me to create these assets throughout the entire project.

Souls of the Wind on STEAM for FREE:


Character Artist & Animator: Aaron Kapral

Audio Designer: Anita Lin

Gameplay Programmer: Azhar Siddiqui

Level, Environment, & Content Designer: Bradley Dawn

Lead Engineer & Creative Director: Casey Gatlin

Level Designer: Conner Workman

Social Media Manager: Darianne Salinas

Producer & Game Designer: Deeprashmi Nath

Gameplay Programmer: Don Wang

Narrative & Level Designer: Jennifer Egan

VFX & Shader Artist: Jolie Uk

Lighting & Technical Artist: Junliang Zhang

Gameplay Programmer: Kevin Le

Gameplay & Tools Programmer: Manas Rawat

UX/UI Artist: Mingxi Zou

Level & Game Designer: Nero Cao

Gameplay Programmer: Saaransh Vatsa

Thank you all!


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