Justin James

Co-Founder Nation & James

Sought after around the world for his positive and playful approach to transforming cutting-edge brands and innovative ideas into practical, impactful actions, Justin James helps people and businesses thrive.  

A founder, a CEO, a plate-spinner, a connector, an ideas incubator and an investor, Justin works with CEOs, boards, executives and entrepreneurs to help move them beyond their fears, see the bigger picture, improve their focus and develop their ideas into commercially viable businesses.

With more than 25 years of global experience amplifying brands and founding successful start-ups, Justin knows how to step into the shoes of the consumer and understand what truly drives them. He’s turned this into a framework for simplifying problems and creating business solutions that move people. This approach comes down to how well a brand connects with the heart-beating people they’re trying to reach and then communicating that understanding back to them.

Trusted by leading brands and business-people for this approach, Justin’s unique ability to inspire, energise and support people is why some of his long-standing clients and partners have included The North Face, Nando’s, Kopparberg, Lacoste, Carlsberg Group, Shake Shack, NHS, Audi and McGuigan Wines among many others. Meriam Alnaman, Marketing Manager at Kopparberg notes: “Justin is a leader in conceptualising and translating brands and products into experiences that lift people out of the everyday, creating an energy they’ll never forget and leave them with an enduring positive impact. What I enjoyed most about working with Justin from the day Kopparberg launched in the UK, was the relationship and trust that we built, which made things genuinely easy”.

Justin started working in the events industry at Ministry of Sound at age 16, as Ministry transformed itself into a super club and an international brand in its own right. This was Justin’s first foray into stepping in the consumer’s shoes and designing experiences that connect. As Promoter, he led the marketing vision that attracted 2000 people per night. After Ministry, Justin went into artist management and travelled the world with international talent to some of the world’s biggest festivals, including Coachella, Glastonbury, Montreal Jazz Festival, Miami Winter Music Conference and more. In 2001 he started his own business turning media into events and brining campaigns to life. This then transformed into a business that amplified brands and headed up their consumer experiences. Today, Justin owns several creative agencies that have launched consumer brands and products of their own and has co-founded over 20 companies spanning tech, digital, drinks, music, health, fitness, pets and more.