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The Rookies is a much needed support network for artists during their journey from novice through to the early stages of their professional career. This is their journey, and it is our responsibility to connect them with trusted companies, studios and schools that will help them become the artist we know they can be.

Carl Domingo - Unity Technologies

The Rookies presents a great opportunity to learn what the most engaged schools are in creative media. It also produces very high-quality projects from students. The Rookies as a project and the team behind it are all amazing!

The Rookies


People are talking about us…

… and they’re saying a lot of great things about us! It's super humbling for us to here these opinions, but our team truly enjoys helping everyone as we have all been on this same journey before.

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Naomi Cornman
Occulus Medium

Oculus Medium loves being involved with The Rookies to empower students entering the industry with the network and tools to succeed.

Sarah Leavitt

We support your initiative. You guys are a pleasure to work with, you're passion comes through, and you are helping to advance the industry.

Emma Audain
Axis Studio Group

It's a great scheme to access talent. It really is a great programme for entry-level talent and I'm proud that Axis is involved.

The Rookies has become the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with aspiring artists around the globe.

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