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Nothing feels better than working in creative industries for that first year, just like Rookies do in major league sports. Experience this feeling by joining the largest community of next-gen creatives and start building your digital artist career today.

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The journey is easy with the right support

So how does it work?

Our journey takes you from absolute beginner to industry professional in 5 steps. It doesn't matter where you start, which learning track you choose, or how long it takes. We are here every step of the way.

Live Sessions and Courses

Participate in free online courses designed to help you progress to the next level.

Choose your Learning Track

Learn from home, or attend a certified school. We help you get the best from both worlds.

Interact with Professionals

Interact with industry professionals and people at your level. Have your questions answered, no matter how silly they seem.

Badges & Certificates

The whole journey is gamified. Earn badges for sharing work, entering contests, and for helping other members.

Tutorials and Resources

Access thousands of free tutorials created by artists only a few steps ahead of you on their journey.

Build your First Portfolio

Build confidence by sharing your first creative projects in a safe and understanding community.

Enter Challenges and Contests

Put your skills to the test with regular challenges and contests, designed to get you out of your comfort zone.

Get Hired

Demonstrate all your skills and achievement to leading companies around the world looking for talent with our tools.

5 steps to your digital artist career

Get the professional skills you need for the future of creative industries and connect with top companies from around the world. Unlock badges and certificates on your Rookies profile and unlock career opportunities.

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You are in good company

Your Skills are in High Demand

Right now, companies have never had such a high demand for content creation. Streaming is blowing up, games are breaking records, movies will never be stopped, and people all over the world are craving entertainment and new products more than ever. There are countless career opportunities out there for people with the right skills.


For those of you who love everything animation. Whether it's the latest Pixar movie or a simply bringing something to life.


The fastest growing and arguably the largest creative media industry right now. There is something for everyone here, both creative and technical.


For those who love to design products, interiors, motion graphics and everything else in between. Design is broad and is needed by all industries.


Fashion is evolving into a high tech design space heavily reliant on AR/VR and new technologies to feed our demand for new products.


One of the oldest and most magical artforms requires artists with all sorts of skills from creative through to project management.

...and more.

All industries need creative people to bring ideas to life. With the right skills you could work anywhere, including space.

Recent Testimonials

Morten Jaeger

I personally think The Rookies is better than other sites, because it exposes you to the level of artists that you're competing against.

Pavani Rao Boddapati
Wētā FX

Wētā FX is proud to partner with The Rookies, who are doing a fantastic job of supporting and promoting new talent.

Alexis Khouri
Substance by Adobe

The Rookies the place for up-and-coming artists to show off their skills. I would encourage all amateur artists to join.

Lisa Schachner

The Rookies is an amazing opportunity to be seen by people in the industry and to get feedback.

Ben Macauley

The Rookies journey has been amazing so far. I can't wait to see where I can go from here.

Jake Burstein

I can't thank The Rookies enough for creating a platform for amateur artists all over the world to showcase their work.

Building your digital artist career has never been easier.

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