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The Rookies is a global competition for young designers, creators, innovators, and artists.

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The Rookies is the acclaimed international competition for young creatives. Founded in 2009 to showcase the most talented student designers, illustrators, film makers, animators, developers, digital artists, and launch them into the career of their dreams.
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Launch into 2017 with a new job, internship, or scholarship. We have them all! You could be working at some of the biggest studios in the world before you know it. This year there is also no need to wait until the winners are announced, our Live Draft is swarming with recruiters ready to hand out jobs on the spot.

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What good is there to having an Awards if the prizes are lame. Winners of The Rookies don’t get gift certificates and a hand shake, they take home a massive bounty of prizes including the latest gadgets, hardware, software, and media. Oh, and this year we’re extending the love to all entrants with random acts of kindness and giveaways.

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Expert Reviews & Industry Rankings

Have your work reviewed by Industry heavy weights. We have judges from all the top studios and software companies. This is worth a whole pile of gold right there. An industry ranking from The Rookies is highly respected and guaranteed to help you get a job. It will also help you figure out how your skills compare with your peers.

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Categories from Traditional to Tomorrow

The world is a pretty exciting place right now, and new career paths are evolving every year. With respect to this, our goal is to help young creatives launch their careers in traditional and emerging fields.


Dedicated to the art of both 3D and 2D animation created for animated feature film, television, and advertising.


Entries include architectural visualisation, interior and exterior design, landscaping, and sustainability.

Film Production

Entries by students who developed live action projects in video production including documentary, narrative, and music videos.

Graphic Design

Content focused on typography, layout and design, colour psychology, packaging design, and promotional design.


Illustrations and concept art created for film, games, scientific visualisation, narrative, advertising, or architectural purposes.

Industrial Design

Focused on product, furniture, and gadget design that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production.

Motion Graphics

Entries which showcase video projects that feature composited text, animated still images, or live action with graphics.

Next-Gen Gaming

Design and development of video game based content for console systems, web platforms, and mobile devices.


Entries include images focusing on landscapes, street, portrait, advertising, sport, and editorial content.

Visual Effects

Entries with a focus on live action visual effects for film and advertisements. Skills ranging from roto through to comp.

Virtual Reality

Content created specifically for use with virtual reality headsets is the goal here. This includes games, apps, and all VR experiences.

Web & Mobile

Content viewed through a browser or mobile device with a focus on interaction, user experience, and design.

Film of the Year - Visual Effects

Films created by both teams and individuals that include live action visual effects used to help tell a story, add that wow factor, or just improve raw footage.

Game of the Year - Console and PC

We are looking for teams and individuals who have created console games. Trailers and incomplete games are allowed to be submitted. Finished games preferred.

School of the Year

This is a special category just for your schools. Each main category will be awarded a School of the Year trophy based on performance of the students entries submitted.

Film of the Year - Animation

Looking for the very best in 2D + 3D animated short films. The films can be created by both teams and individuals. Trailers and unfinished projects allowed.

Game of the Year - Virtual Reality

Team and individual games that have been designed to use the latest virtual reality systems. Completed projects preferred, but game play examples and trailers accepted.

People's Choice

Open to the general public to vote for their favourite finalists in all main categories. Voting will be conducted via Facebook and commence one Finalists are announced.

Film of the Year - Film Production

We are looking for short films and documentaries that focus on film production, story telling, editing, and acting. Team and individual projects allowed.

Game of the Year - Web & Mobile

Team and individual games that have been created for mobile devices, and the web. Completed projects preferred, but game play examples and trailers accepted.


We are proud to be part of the programme which has uncovered fantastic new artists and animators, several who have come to Weta Digital and become valuable members of our team.- Richard Frances, Weta Digital
The awards has given me the unique opportunity to work and learn from some of the best professionals in the world. It really has given me an amazing kickstart into this industry.- Esther Lopaz, Internship Winner 2014
The Rookies are a great way for talent to be recognised. Every year the quality of the entrants gets better and better. As a software company, we are always amazed by what people can do with our tools and always look forward to seeing the entries. It's a great Awards and one we are proud to support.- Ian Hal, The Foundry
I was shocked to find myself among the winners, and it was a truly life changing experience. Honestly, it’s not an overstatement. It was a surreal moment when I got a phone call.- Szabolcs Menyhei, Internship Winner 2014

Supported by the world’s smartest companies.

You can’t run a successful Awards without an amazing team helping you. We are proud and humbled to have the support of so many inspirational companies.

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