Xenia Sunye (Makiblue)
Xenia Sunye (Makiblue)

Xenia Sunye (Makiblue)


I'd be really pleased If I could get a job doing full rendered illustrations or character design/concept art.

If I have to be honest, since a very young age art has been my way to ease my mind. Not to get too deep but I needed it, so as an adult I kept the habit. It became more than that when I started college (audiovisual media), where I liked a lot of things but I never felt the same way/passion as I did for art (illustration). So after college, and being really confused about my future, I decided to go back to my starting point and go after the art career. 

Learning: Self Taught

Skills: Adobe Photoshop

Expertise: Concept Art & Illustration

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