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A little bit of information about our school.

The Game Assembly is a Higher Vocational Education situated in Malmö, Sweden, and we have educated 7% of the Swedish games industry.

We educate game artísts, game programmers, level designers, game animators and technical artists. 50% of their education is individual development where the students dive into their handicraft and 50% is focused in how to make games together. We are strong believers in the group effort to get the best result - a fun game to play.

The Game Art program at The Game Assembly focuses mainly on creating 3D game models. However we do have shorter courses for the students to try several fields within game art and there are plenty of opportunities during the game projects to appeal to a wide audience, whether you like drawing concept art, modeling 3D models, animating characters, etc.

The program is 2,5 years and the last half year the student do their internship at a game company. You can find our students doing their internship at EA DICE, Massive Entertainment - a Ubisoft studio, The Creative Assembly, Machinegames, Rare, Zoink games, Avalanche studios, King, Starbreeze, Fatshark, and so on. 

  • 2D Game art: Introduction to 2D (25 YH-points)
  • 3D Game art: Introduction (25 YH-points)
  • 2D Game art: Concept Art (15 YH-points)
  • 3D Intermediate: Production Projects (25 YH-points)
  • 3D Intermediate: Texturing (5 YH-points)
  • 3D Intermediate: Rigging (5 YH-points)
  • 3D Intermediate: Animation (15 YH-points)
  • Video Editing (5 YH-points)
  • Game engines (5 YH-points)
  • 3D Advanced: Dynamics (5 YH-points)
  • 3D Advanced: Sculpting (15 YH-points)
  • 3D Advanced: Production Projects (15 YH-points)
  • 3D Advanced: Shaders (5 YH-points)
  • Portfolio Creation (10 YH-points)
  • 3D Advanced: Individual Projects (25 YH-points)
  • Game Project 1: 2D Introduction: Agile methodology (20 YH-points)
  • Game project 2: 2D Introduction: Object orientation (20 YH-points)
  • Game project 3: 2D Intermediate: Control management (20 YH-points)
  • Game project 4: 2D Advanced: World building (20 YH-points)
  • Game project 5: 3D Introduction: Graphics motor(25-YHpoints)
  • Game project 6: 3D Intermediate: Artifial Intelligence (25 YH-points)
  • Game project 7: 3D Advanced: Network (25 YH-points)
  • Game project 8: 3D Advanced: Exam Project (45 YH-points)
  • Internship (150 YH-points)

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School Gallery

This gallery includes media that showcases our school facilities, lifestyle, and amazing artwork created by our alumni and student's.

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Drop us a line if you are interested in hearing more about our amazing facilities, curriculum, and staff.

Visiting address Jungmansgatan 3 S-211 19 Malmo, Sweden

+ 46 733 710 447

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