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With campuses in Stockholm, Boden, SkellefteƄ, and Karlstad (Sweden), Nordreisa (Norway), Warsaw (Poland) and soon in Dunedin (New Zealand), Futuregames offers a diverse range of educational programs at various levels. From short courses for seasoned professionals to full-time programs for aspiring game developers entering the industry, we cater to different interests and aspirations. Boasting nearly 20 years of experience, Futuregames has consistently ranked among the top game education institutions worldwide. Our alumni, comprising over 11% of the Swedish games industry, excel in fields such as game art, game design, programming, game marketing, and more. We take pride in our commitment to bridging the gap between education and the professional industry. Collaborating with renowned game companies like Avalanche Studios, Star Stable, Coldwood Interactive, Zordix, Paradox Arctic, Turborilla, Level Eight, North Kingdom, King, Ubisoft, EA DICE, Fatshark Games, Starbreeze Studios, Glorious Games Group, NEAT Corporation, Epic Games, and many others, we provide an immersive learning environment.

Countries: Norway Poland Sweden

Location: Online Campus

Industries: Game Design & Development

Software: Adobe After Affects Adobe Audition Blender Houdini Maya Perforce Substance Painter Unity Unreal Engine Zbrush

Programs: Degree Short Course


Course Advanced Game Art (3 weeks)

The purpose of this course is to immerse yourself in an advanced area of game graphics and practice iterating this at high speed.

In-depth knowledge in an advanced area of game graphics for modern game development. Understand how to create high-quality graphics in an efficient and correct way under time pressure.

Ability to analyze, create and critically choose the right methods and relevant graphics for a game production under time pressure.

The student has the competence to understand and be able to quickly produce advanced and adapted game graphics at a high level under time pressure.

COURSE Animation (3 weeks)

The purpose is to teach the students animation intended for game production. The goal is for the students to animate a number of different game objects.

The understanding of how a typical animation pipeline in game production is implemented. Understanding of how to handle motion capture. Understand which tools can influence and optimize animation for a game. Understand the principles of good animation.

Ability to animate objects in a modern graphics tool such as Maya and Motionbuilder. Implement animations in a modern game engine. Be able to handle MOCAP technology suitable for game production.

Students gain the skills to create animations with tools such as Maya and Motionbuilder, as well as in modern game engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

COURSE Character Art (4 weeks)

Students should understand the professionally relevant pipeline and standard in the creation of characters and creatures. The goal is to use sculpting tools to create an optional well-executed character in 3D.

Produce high quality characters in 3D - Optimize 3D sculptures from sculpting tools with relevant modeling tools such as Maya and a modern game engine such as Unreal Enging or Unity.

Students gain the skills to produce and virtually sculpt a character for use in game production.

COURSE Concept Art (2 weeks)

The purpose of this course is to gain understanding and practice conceptualization of different parts of a game production. The goal is to create a basis for various processes and elements that can be used as a template for in-depth production.

Understand how to conceptualize for different components and phases of a game production - Understand how to optimize different work processes within game development - Understand the work needs of different game developers - Understand matrices and graphical tools to support game developers

Conceptualize in game development - Time-efficiently visualize ideas, thoughts and visions for a game production - Create matrices and graphical tools to support game developers

The students gain the skills to understand different game developers work needs and how to streamline a game development team through visual communication and concept development.

COURSE Enviroment Art (4 weeks)

The purpose is to give students an understanding of creating optimized environments and understanding a larger game production. The goal is to create an optimized, well-thought-out and playable environment.

Advanced knowledge of how a game engine works - Knowledge of how to illuminate a specific environment - Knowledge of how the technical side of environmental creation works e.g. gravity, collisions, simple visual scripting etc.

The student must have the competence to in an optimized way develop and produce a playable environment for a modern game engine.

COURSE Degree project Game development (1o weeks)

The degree project gives the students an in-depth study of a self-chosen area in game development and game programming, with the guidance of a subject expert from the game industry. The goal is, with the support of course leaders, to design a problem definition in the form of a simulated assignment in a self-chosen specialization area, or together with a company to identify a sharp assignment that leads to the same specialization.

Relate their knowledge and skills to a current area of specilaization - Understand a specialized area in game development and game programming - Understand a specialized role as a game developer within the computer game industry
Select, plan and structure an in-depth work on assignments in game development - Produce an advanced self-selected part of modern game development

To report in an occupationally relevant way in-depth work in an area within game development and graphics.

The students are given the competence to independently choose, plan and immerse themselves in an area specialized for the gaming industry. They gain the competence to structure their own project and learn from experts to produce an advanced part of game development.

COURSE FX for games (2 weeks)

The purpose of this course is to create an understanding of a pre-production of game graphics with particles and effects in game production. The goal is to create a number of effects.

Be able to create and manage VFX work in modern graphics and game tools. - Develop effective effects for a game production

The students are given the skills to create optimized effects relevant in game productions in game teams.

COURSE Game Art (7 weeks)

The purpose of this course is to teach students how to handle modern graphics tools and produce good game graphics. Part of the purpose of this course is to teach students to create 3D graphics for real-time rendering and implement this in a game engine. The goal is to create a number of models in a modern graphics tool to gain a good understanding and skill in producing graphics in a game production. An additional goal is for the students to get an overview of the entire process of creating game graphics for a game production.

The students gain competence in understanding different gaming companies needs and working methods, as well as skills to produce game graphics effectively.

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